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Future Clients,

Im not your average Nail tech, I a Professional Master Nails Sculpturist Detailist Perfectionist Artist. Im a Nailist more personal. Im not a CHOP SHOP. I don't get you in, get you out. I take my time to make sure my nails look NATURAL with the right curves and arch. NOT Flat and Wide, bumpy or lumpy. Im more into detail. My acrylic is FLAWLESS. CHECK the Pictures they SPEAK for themselves. I am for the Grown and Sexy.."You pay for what you get." Meaning I am not CHEAP.  And on top of that I give all my Clients a MONTH Warranty. No Shop, NOBODY gives any kind of Warranty on NAILS, but ME. Guarantee not to break or chip or fade or lift for a WHOLE MONTH. I don't use Polish or Polish nails, all my art is DRY-FREE. NO WAITING TO DRY. I use a MAX BUFF and MAX SHINE. THE WHOLE Month GUARANTEE. And Mink nails are like the next version of Air Brush, meaning nothing Artistic. It's premade ART. And for all the Nail Tech..... It's called ART not COPY or BOOTLEG. Be yourself and quit jockin, and talkin about me when your tryin to be me. Im an ARTIST it comes within, not askin, "how he do this, how he do that". Instead of tryin to Bootleg my art, give your Clients a MONTH WARRANTY, cuz really it's about the clients and if your a Luxury or not. For Example for all the people that don't understand. What would you pick a Mercedes Benz or a Kia? Ummm Conrad Hotel or Motel 8? Fine Dining or Dollar Menu? Im not for everybody I am a Luxury so if you ain't got it, you ain't got it. LUXURY is NOT for everyone. I AM A LABEL my own NAME BRAND. There is 5 million other Nail Tech for all the other types of Ladies.Sorry if I come off arrogant but Im TIRED of Cheap Hoodrats. That want everything that ain't got nothing. And to be quite honest what Artist you know that ain't a little arrogant. I got over 100 personal clients I see once a month that love and appreciate my quality art. I know the results from my work. And my Picture are REAL CLEAR, I am what I am Today because of my work. Some appreciate me some don't. But don't let the one that don't want you to have better nails than them ruin it for you. Come let me show you how it's suppose to be done. And I guarantee you will be happy. I am strictly Appointment Only so there is no waiting on a list than hoping the Nail Tech knows what their doin. I have proof. ALL NEW CLIENTS have to come in person to make an Appointment because I require a DEPOSIT. No Deposit No Appointment. Once again because of the HOODRATS that call and make an appointment and then don't call or show. I could have tookin a regular client. Time is Money. Im about BUSINESS and got a FAMILY to take care of.

Shop (317) 377-1350, or TEXT MY TABLET (317) 985-7249. You can also contact me e-mail: KingJordan81@gmail.com